Hand Washing Station

At Canyon State Waste Services, we ensure that all of our hand-wash stations are up to the highest sanitation standards. We take cleanliness seriously, so when you rent one of our hand-wash stations, you can trust that you will be getting the cleanest, most sanitary hand-washing experience available. We have a wide variety of options to choose from, and our expert staff is always available to answer any questions. With exceptional delivery and on-site operation services, you can have confidence that your hand-wash station needs are taken care of.

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Holding Tank

A General Holding Tank is an essential piece of equipment for long-term portable restroom rentals such as an outdoor rest area or a multi-day special event. Functional, discrete, and safe, the tank gives peace of mind to the workers or guests at the location. Available in 225-, 250-, and 300-gallon options.

Handicap Accessible Unit

A Handicap- accessible restroom is often used as a family-sized restroom. Requirements for handicap-accessible portable restrooms are as follows: • A wider door than a standard unit to allow wheelchair accessibility • A ramped entrance to accommodate wheelchairs • Enough interior space to allow the user to perform a three-point turn in their wheelchair

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